Heads Up! Tomorrow I’m Transferring My Site to Another Host

The reason I’m letting you guys know is because with my luck, there will be huge (yuuge!) problems. I honestly have no idea what to expect as it’s all new territory to me. So, if the site is down, don’t worry, it should be back up at some point… I hope. The transfer is scheduled for tomorrow, so there will be no posts for a day or two because they will most likely be lost if published.

I want to make sure everything is set and running just in time for official grand arrival of Chase Sapphire Reserve (August 21st), as I wouldn’t miss it for the world. It’s like a royal wedding and Olympics opening ceremony rolled into one, and I get to be a reporter in the front row. OK, technically, I’m like a small local newspaper rep put waaay in the back. But you get the point.

Anyway, so many posts have been written on this topic, I’m just going to link to TPG blog, lover of all things “Chase” and apparently, the feeling is mutual. Not that there is anything wrong with that! Oh, and a special shout-out to Zach Honig, TPG editor-in-chief, who has been tirelessly answering the same questions on this card over and over  again. There are 500 comments so far, and counting. Must be some kind of record.

For now, y’all have to keep on drooling. But do periodically check this Reddit sub-forum because you never know, Chase Sapphire Reserve just might give you a sneak peek like it did a few days ago. Such a tease. Sorry folks, the link was only up for an hour and looked kind of shady. But it was for realz! Of course, the biggest question is whether Chase 5/24 rule will apply once the link  officially goes live.

Where was I again?  If you have a question and the site is down, please, don’t hesitate to email me at milesforfamily@gmail.com or reach out via Twitter I’m still here and eager to help! My domain name will remain the same, so as far as I know, you won’t have to  re-subscribe, though I’m not positive on Feedly followers. Either way, we’ll know for sure soon enough. See you on the other side. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Heads Up! Tomorrow I’m Transferring My Site to Another Host

  1. Chase and TPG. Wow. I still think that is the most jarring aspect of the CSR craze that got this week. Hopefully it suggests this card is an olive branch of sorts to travel hackers if they are working with him. Maybe chase is saying they’ll let churners back into their portfolio if they pay to play with a higher annual fee?

    Who knows. Well, I guess TPG?

    Also, you do a post on the CSR but don’t mention it in the title? Where’s your blogger’s sense of click bait? There are thousands of people desperately awaiting word on all things CSR. you could have gone toe to toe with TPG!


    • @Cheapblackdad Oh, I wasn’t throwing shade at TPG, I promise! Chase actually announced the launch of this card by linking to TPG post, so that was quite amazing. I’m sure the site is their top conversion performer since it’s also the biggest miles and points blog. It will take me sometime to catch up and go toe to toe with TPG! 🙂
      The relationship between affiliates and banks is a tricky one, as you can imagine. I doubt anyone at TPG knows if 5/24 rule will be enforced. I have no clue, but people might be able to get the card if they apply right away. Reddit should have data points pretty quickly after launch.
      I don’t know if I’m going to apply. The $4,000 threshold scares me, plus, I have my eye on Flexperks card. I’m not sure we would be approved for Reserve with our level of income, so that’s another concern. Decisions, decisions. The $450 fee stinks, but one can easily make up for it and then some. Of course, the main appeal is 100,000 points.


  2. I hope your site transfer goes well and you are back for CSR opening day! I was so sad when I had to make a long distance move and I was no longer able to churn cards due house buying, but now I see it was fate! Four of my cards aged to over two years old this summer and I am now at 2/24! CSR and I are going to be so happy together! 😀


    • @iLoveCSR Thank you! I really hope you get approved for CSR. The sign-up bonus is fantastic. I’ll be watching it myself, though I’m over 5/24 limit. It will be an interesting weekend, seeing new developments unfold. I got two new cards recently, and maybe I should have waited. I just assumed I wouldn’t be able to get CSR.


  3. I already have the Chase Sapphire….I know the 100,000 points for CSR is appealing, but if you were in my shoes (I don’t think I have hit the 5/24 per my records) would you get it? We’re a family of 4, and I need to be talked into the benefits. I was seriously thinking of getting the Citi Prestige because of the airline credits and Priority Pass (for my entire family) and Admiral Pass (but now that is no longer) so I’m wondering if the CSR would be a game changer for my family.


    • @Stephanie It’s tough for me to answer this question, but I’ll try. It does depend on your upcoming plans, as the two offers are quite different. Both are very valuable and worth getting IMO. With that:
      1) If you can only sign up for one card within the next year, I would go with Chase Sapphire Reserve. The bonus is much more lucrative, hands down. The $450 fee can be covered with $300 annual travel benefit. In fact, you’ll make money on it because you can get $300 credit again next January. All in all, it’s an extremely lucrative offer, so if you are eligible, go for it. I’ll have a post on it this Sunday (at least I’ll try to!) once we have some data points on approvals.
      2) If you can sign up for several cards within the next year (and it won’t put you over 5/24 limit), you may want to consider Citi Prestige first. This is especially true if you’ve had Citi Thank You Premier within the last year or so. I wrote a post on the upcoming Citi changes last Saturday, which you may want to read. The benefits on Citi Prestige will be cut severely next year, but the offer is pretty good right now. I’ve read that if you apply before the end of August, you should still have Admirals Club access and other perks till next July, but I’m not 100% sure. They are not mentioned on current Citi Prestige landing page. Citi may also pull the bonus altogether in a near future, so it’s another concern.

      Also, keep in mind that while affiliate offer comes with 40K points, some have been able to sign up inside Citi branch and get 50K points, plus reduced $350 annual fee. YMMV, but read this post on DoC http://www.doctorofcredit.com/citi-prestige-50000-thankyou-point-bonus-w-350-annual-fee-branch-offer/ It’s supposed to be for CitiGold clients, so you may not get it, but it doesn’t hurt to stop by and ask.

      3) Honestly, both cards are very lucrative when it comes to sign-up bonus. If you can get past huge fees, you can see that value proposition makes them pretty much a no-brainer during the first year. Of course, renewing is a different story.


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